Restructuring and Turnaround

Customised solutions to ensure that the company has sufficient liquidity to maintain operations and overcome crises. Debt remodelling, manufacturing reorganization and other areas of support. Business plan updating to optimize efficiency and productivity.
Support in preparing the entity for the possible onboarding of new investors.

Liquidation of Entities

By observing specific legal rules, we aim to realise assets, paying creditors (including taxes) and sharing the remaining assets among the partners.
Final analysis of the possibility or necessity of filing for Bankruptcy, where presented as the alternative with the greatest potential for resolution and enhancement of the asset value.

Real Estate and Stressed Assets

Identification and prospection of investment opportunities through in-depth legal analysis and financial projections, observing potential investment returns, variable risks and estimating business impacts of matters related to the sale of manufacturing units, industrial establishments, machinery and in particular real estate.

Judicial and Extrajudicial Recovery

We aim to assist the entity in overcoming any economic or financial crisis, maintaining the productive source and staff, thus preserving the business.

Recovery Plans

Expertise in preparing Judicial and Extrajudicial Recovery Plans.
Preparation of economic and financial appraisal reports.
Preparation of asset appraisal reports.

Forensic Accounting and Administration

Acting as an assistant to the Justice system, appointed Expert Judgement, for preparation of expert evidence in verifying credits and other procedural incidents in Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy processes.
Preparation of administrative forensic inspection of records relating to Judicial Reorganization and Bankruptcy processes, identifying opportunities for optimization and foreclosure proceedings.

Judicial Administration

Acting as an assistant to the Justice system, appointed Judicial Administrator to oversee the activities of the recovering entity and application of the Judicial Recovery Plan, consolidation of the General Creditors’ Framework, conduct of the General Creditors’ Meeting and preparation of monthly reports to the Court. When dealing with bankruptcy, carrying out the necessary activities for the realisation of assets, among other duties provided for in current legislation.

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