Our Service Lines

Whether public sector organizations, family businesses, listed companies or with operations abroad, our goal with our service lines is to help our customers achieve their results faster and more solidly.

Therefore, Baker Tilly Brasil offers a wide range of business accounting, auditing and consulting services to help you from compliance to accelerating growth.

Our close service allows you to understand in depth the different needs and aspirations, working in partnership to help transform your vision into reality.


We believe that auditing can and should add value to your company.


The market values ​​those who are prepared for great opportunities. We are and can prepare you.


Our professionals are trained to understand the federal, state and municipal tax legislation, guarantee its proper compliance and minimize the tax burden.


Increasingly, managers are prioritizing their time in the strategic activities of their business.


GRC planning, execution and monitoring based on a single platform, in addition to guiding you for optimization, efficiency and cost reduction.

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