Improving business performance, efficiency and operational agility, adopting a unified and consistent approach to GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliance) – supported by integrated technological solutions – is on the radar of many organizations seeking success in today’s business world. Most executives face the eternal challenge of achieving operational efficiency and cost reduction and ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, contracts and policies while providing transparent and excellent management.

Baker Tilly Brazil is prepared to help you rise to the challenge of consolidating GRC planning, execution, monitoring and continuous improvement activities on a single platform, as well as guiding you in your quest for optimization, efficiency and cost reduction in your business.

Our services include:

Risk Management

  • ERM – Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk and Control Matrices
  • Risk Management Framework Modelling
  • Risk Indicators
  • Strategic Risk Management
  • Linking Risks to Business Processes
  • Risk Quantification

Internal Audit

  • Optimization, Transformation and Governance of the Internal Controls Environment
  • CCM Framework – Continuous Controls Monitoring
  • Specialist Auditors:
  • Governance Model (Corporate, IT and Information Security)
  • Innovation
  • Project Benefits
  • Metrics and Indicators
  • Information Technology and Security
  • Quality Assurance of Internal Audit Departments
  • Maturity Analysis of Processes and Controls
  • Compliance Audit (legal, regulatory, statutory, policies)
  • IT and Process Risk Auditing
  • Auditing of Suppliers and Contracts
  •  Internal Audit Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing

IT Governance and Management

  • Technological Innovation and Innovation Risks
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • IT Governance Model
  • IT Management System
  • IT metrics
  • Improvement of IT Processes
  • IT Cost Optimization
  • Process Maturity Analysis and IT Controls
  • Social Media Strategy

Governance and Information Security Management

  • Information Security Management System
  • Information Security Governance Model
  • Information Security Risks (27005)
  • Information Classification and DLP – Data Leakage Prevention
  • Crisis Planning, Contingency and Business Continuity
  • Management of Access to Systems and Information
  • Information Security Metrics
  • Business Dynamics for Information Security
  • Regulatory Compliance Management Pan (PCI, SOX, ISO 27002, 20000, SAS70)
  • Information Security on Social Networks
  • Vulnerability and Threat Management
  • Trespass Defence Techniques
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