Baker Tilly Team

People choose people

Investing in human beings is a choice in which we take great pride. Our goal has always been to form a high-performing team of individuals who share our philosophy and values, and this is achieved through a constant process of capturing and retaining potential talent.

The benefits of this choice are reflected in the high standard of our day-to-day work and in the satisfaction of our clients who have the privilege of using services provided by the very best professionals in the market.

Our most valuable assets – available to you

Our professionals are hand-picked from the bests at universities and in the employment market. They are comprehensively trained on the job to better serve our customers, providing an excellent quality of service and working with dedication and respect.

This is the very significant difference in the services we offer: Motivated people who go the extra mile for the client and exceed their expectations.

For this reason, we have a very well-defined incentive policy. We operate a system of continuous assessment and meritocracy, a process of rewarding the best performance and efforts of our professionals to encourage them to constantly excel, motivating them and always helping them remember their importance in the pursuit of excellence.

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